Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Paper Piecing Patterns

I have fallen for Paper Piecing. The amazing things you can make out of fabric... it's incredible. I only learned how to do it last year from my sister's blog post here.

I'm working on creating my own patterns and I hope they turn out. I love the idea of an easy project that looks difficult.

Stay tuned :)

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Good Friday

I'm seeing a lot of "Easter-is-the-new-Christmas" posts around the internet lately. Easter trees (essentially Christmas trees with eggs and other Easter-themed decorations hanging from them), large gifts (bikes, toys, etc.), and other things that are making it a bigger holiday.
Here's my take:
It SHOULD be as big as Christmas... but not for the reasons mentioned above.
🎄 Christmas is the time we celebrate God sending his Son in the form of a human baby with the promise that He is our ultimate Saviour.
💐 Easter is the time we celebrate that exact promise being fulfilled! Jesus, as a man, enters Jerusalem humbly on a donkey (not a horse). He fully knows he is to be betrayed, tortured, and crucified on a cross in front of His followers and His enemies, yet He goes willingly to be our ultimate sacrifice. God provided a way for us to be with Him for eternity through His Son.
I think Easter deserves that non-commercial recognition, don't you?

Remember that Jesus fulfilled the promise of God. Happy Good Friday!