Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year and a Travel Hack!

So I can't believe I haven't mentioned this... to anyone. I have a travel hack I use all the time!
My husband's family rented a house in Fairmont BC for a week after Christmas and over New Years. We have traveled quite a bit over the years we've been married and I'm finding random things that just make life easier.

Do you ever have a shower/tub situation with a tap like this?:

I am not a fan of these because there's nowhere to hang my loofah/pouf/whatever you want to call it. Plus, if it does hang on one of the taps, it seems like it's always wet and that just feels yucky to me.

Now, I always bring 3M HOOKS with me!

They are handy for hanging up wet swimsuits, loofahs, etc. right in the shower/tub. Plus, they can be easily removed with no residue by pulling on the tab (following the instructions).

Poof!! No more loofahs sitting on the bottom of the shower or tub, no more wetness, just an air-dried loofah that's much nicer to pack in your suitcase.

P.S. I also always bring large ziplock bags for wet items (ie. swimsuits, loofahs, and most importantly: to prevent any and all toiletries from leaking all over my clothes!).

I can't be the first one that's thought of this but I thought I'd share for those who haven't heard of this trick.

Happy travels and Happy 2015!!