Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mason Jar Tumblers Tutorial

I run a Scrapbooking and Quilting retreat every year in Tilley and I try to give away a few things to the ladies that come. In the past, we've done reusable shopping bags by Baggu, various fabric, organizers, etc. This year, I tried something different.

Mason Jar Tumblers are all the rage recently...

I figured it wouldn't be too hard after watching this tutorial by my new favourite YouTube Channel: The Sorry Girls! (Love that they're Canadian too).

I didn't take photos of the process but I'll do my best to explain how I made 60 (yes SIXTY) of these Mason Jar Tumblers!

- Pint-size Mason Jars (I got mine at Walmart and then for fun, I bought some vintage-looking blue ones at Target)
- Grommets (I got mine here)
- Stainless Steel Straws (I got mine here. You can use plastic too. I also bought some fun Paper Straws from Paper Mart just for fun :))
- Drill & Drill Bit (7/16")
- Hammer
- Piece of solid wood (like a short 2-by-4)
- Flat smooth floor (I used my furnace room concrete floor)

HOW I DID IT Instructions:
1) I washed all my jars, jar rims, and straws in my dishwasher on a sanitizing cycle (I didn't wash my lids at the same time).

2) I took my lids to my sister's house and my brother-in-law drilled all the holes. I only gave him the lids. I suggested that he drill them on top of a wood piece (like the YouTube tutorial). He did all the work for me (Thanks a ton!!).

3) Some of the edges of the holes were jagged so I tried to trim them as much as I could but I used tin snips that I read about in another tutorial but they were super awkward to use and didn't work very well at all. I trimmed as much as I could.

4) Trying to make everything as smooth as possible, I decided to take my lids down to my basement, put the lids one-by-one down on the concrete and hit them with my hammer a few times to make everything flat. I couldn't believe it but it worked out great! On my next round, I'm going to try a different bit that my dad said would work well... we'll see :).

5) After the lids were all smooth, I washed these in the dishwasher.

6) When they were all dry, I put in the grommets which was easy once I got in a groove... and after I had done about 10, I was like a pro!

7) I let the ladies choose whether they wanted the bent or straight straws and I let them choose a paper straw for fun.

Any questions??

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